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All engineering reports are confidential and proprietary to the respective clients.

Modal & Shock Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for Battelle

Performed a 3D modal and shock impact FEA of a portable ultrasonic cleaner developed by Battelle for the US Army. A 3D solid model of the cleaner was provided in SolidWorks format. This model was simplified in SolidWorks and prepared for a FEA. Numerous FEA models were developed of the structural assembly as well as some detailed subsystems.

Custom AutoCAD Software Tool Development for Toll Brothers Home Builders

DeepSoft, LLC. was retained to develop custom software tools for AutoCAD users at Toll Brothers and Eastern States Engineering. These are Architectural & Civil Engineering applications which automate the home building site layout process. All software was developed with Microsoft Visual C++ and the Autodesk ObjectARX API and MFC GUI tools.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Engineering reports prepared for Duratek, Inc.

Performed 3D finite element stress and thermal analysis on nuclear waste vitrification melters with the Algor FEA software. Work involved structural stress analysis, steady state temperature, and thermal expansion and stress computations. Some computations required custom 3D FEA model creation, while others used preexisting or modified FEA models. Also performed pressure drop calculations for cooling panel flows.

CAL-WTP-12250        LAW Level Detector Thermal Expansion
CAL-WTP-12150        LAW Thermowell and Thermocouple Thermal Expansion
CAL-WTP-11807        LAW Lid Refractory Thermal Expansion
CAL-WTP-11352        LAW Electrode Thermal Expansion Stresses and Pressure Differential
CAL-WTP-21354        HLW Electrode Thermal Expansion Stresses and Pressure Differential
CAL-WTP-21110        HLW Idle Mode Refractory Thermal Expansion, Stresses, and Jackbolt Displacement
CAL-WTP-11652        LAW Melter Heat Transfer, Final
CAL-WTP-11110        LAW Refractory Thermal Expansion, Idle Mode
CAL-WTP-11551        LAW Glass Discharge Refractory Thermal Expansion
CAL-WTP-11102        LAW Refractory Thermal Expansion, Feed Mode
CAL-WTP-21650        HLW Cooling Panel Heat Transfer, Initial
CAL-WTP-21653        HLW Cooling Panel Heat Transfer, Loss of Coolant, Initial
CAL-WTP-21603        HLW Cooling Panel Pressure Drop
CAL-WTP-21551        HLW Glass Discharge Thermal Expansion
CAL-WTP-21150        HLW Plenum Refractory Thermal Expansion
CAL-WTP-21102        HLW Glass Contact Refractory Thermal Expansion
CAL-WTP-11650        LAW Cooling Panel Heat Transfer, Initial
CAL-WTP-11104        LAW Melter Glass Contact Refractory Seismic, Initial
CAL-RPP-081             LAW Melter Structural Analysis Report
CAL-RPP-078             LAW Melter Structural Analysis Report

FEA, Engineering, and Programming work for other clients

Metro Manufacturing
FEA of a railroad car battery tray

C programming for a PalmOS based fitness & health application for Palm Pilot PDA's

Lakota Technical Solutions
Design and C programming of the US Navy's Cooperative Engagement Processor's (CEP) dynamic memory manager. Designed the 3D doubly linked, linked list memory manager to emulate VxWorks memory management functions. The CEP uses DSR's Middleware and allows real-time data communications between air, sea, and land military force assets. Obtained an experimental FCC radio license for Lakota so that they could test their wireless RF network.

AK Robbins
FEA of a vibratory shaker table mount

Goldman Mechanical
Custom design of an intelligent instrument to measure differential pressure in large commercial buildings' plumbing systems. Designed a custom single board computer (SBC) based on the 87C552 microcontroller (MCU). The SBC included the MCU, external RAM, EPROM, LCD, keypad, two pressure transducers, a temperature transducer, analog amplifiers, constant current sources, power supply, and extensive power down circuitry. Portions of the analog design were subcontracted to an electrical engineer. Wrote the real-time ROM based C program to control the device. Also designed the case, a pressure manifold, and the printed circuit board. Performed a FEA on the pressure manifold.

Training Jobs

NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
Had a contract to provide all of the onsite C and C++ training courses at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for eight years, about 18 to 20 days per year.

Federal Express
Taught a ten day C programming course, and a five day C++ programming course at their Memphis, TN main headquarters

Numerous Other Clients
The principal has been providing C, and AutoCAD training courses since 1988, and C++ courses since 1991 to a wide range of private and public organizations.

Conference Papers & Presentations

MechanCAD '97, Miller-Freemen, Chicago
Overview of PC based Finite Element Analysis

Oceans '82, Marine Technology Society & IEEE, Washington DC
A Comparison of CMOS Microprocessors and Single Chip Microcomputers



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