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C & C++ Programming

The principal has been programming in C since 1984, and C++ since 1991, and feels that these are the premier computer programming languages available today for engineering and scientific applications. Because of that we work exclusively with them. C provides a "lean and mean" language which is extremely efficient for embedded real-time applications that have stringent memory, power efficiency and timing requirements. C++ is even more powerful and is used for larger and more complex applications that can benefit from the increased power of this object oriented language such as Windows GUI applications.

Previous projects have included stress and thermal analysis for engineering applications; custom mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering / architectural CAD applications for use within AutoCAD; and development of real-time C applications for ROM based intelligent instruments and dedicated controllers.

In addition to providing C & C++ programming services we can also provide high quality software training in both languages and have been doing so for decades.

Application Programming Areas

  • Engineering & Scientific Applications
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition & Process Control
  • Real-Time ROM Based Applications
  • Single Board Computers
  • AutoCAD C++ ObjectARX Applications
  • Windows C++ MFC GUI Applications
  • Object Oriented Analysis, and Design

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • Linux

C & C++ Compilers Supported

  • Microsoft
  • IAR Cross Compilers
  • TI MSP430 & MSP432 Cross Compilers
  • UNIX & Linux Compilers

Corporate C & C++ Programming Standards

  • Aid in developing corporate programming standards
  • C, C++, OOAD, & Windows MFC GUI training

PC Based Custom System Integration

  • C & C++ Programming Environments
  • Data Acquisition and Process Control

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