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Technical Software Training

DeepSoft, LLC., and its predecessor TKF Systems, has been providing technical software training in AutoCAD and C programming since 1988. All courses are instructor led and hands-on. The general format is: lecture, discussion, demonstration, followed by relevant drawing, modeling, or programming exercises. Approximately 50% of the class time is spent on hands-on exercises. Most courses include an optional textbook, all courses include 50 to 200 pages of notes not counting any solution sets. All course notes are desktop published, and laser printed. All programming courses also include a 50 to 100 page solution set for all problems.

We typically receive excellent evaluations from our students. For example, in a ten day C Programming course taught for Federal Express, we received excellent evaluations from 12 out of 13 students for both the instructor and the course itself. In a recent Introduction to AutoCAD course, taught for another client, we received excellent evaluations from five out of five students.

These courses can be taught under Windows, or UNIX. The latest versions of applicable software would normally be used. C and C++ programming is taught with either the Microsoft or Borland C/C++ compilers under Windows, or the available C/C++ compiler under UNIX. The Finite Element Analysis course uses the Algor Interactive Systems finite element software. We recommend a one week sequence of two courses to achieve a basic working knowledge of either AutoCAD, C, or C++. For more advanced capabilities the first week should be followed by a second week consisting of two of the more advanced courses. These courses can be taught at either the clients site, locally or nationally, or at our training site in Columbia, MD.

Software Engineering Courses

AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, & Algor FEA Courses


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